It is the belief of the membership of Sonrise Baptist Church that the Wedding Ceremony is more than just a traditional service; it is a Sacred Covenant that is blessed by our Lord. (Gen. 2:24, “A man shall leave his father and mother and be united with his wife and the two shall become one flesh.”) The purpose of a church wedding is to enter into this covenant relationship with God’s blessing. In the book of John chapter two we are told that the Lord honors us by attending a wedding service and we believe the Lord is in attendance to bless this sacred covenant. We also believe that the reception should be as God honoring as the ceremony. Therefore, the membership of Sonrise Baptist Church will not allow our church or our pastor to be used for the wedding ceremony if the reception is going to involve the use of alcoholic beverages. The following guidelines have been adopted to help you plan your wedding.

I. Setting the date:

Only members in good standing (that is active) and a member for at least one year of Sonrise Baptist Church will be married in our church. This is only for a member, their parent, their child or grandchild.

1. To place the wedding on the church calendar, you must complete and return the accompanying information sheet and the deposit fee to the church office. The remaining fee must be turned in prior to rehearsal. The sheet must be signed by all appropriate parties indicating they have read and will abide by the policy.

2. Scheduling of weddings will be coordinated with the Church Wedding Coordinator and/or Pastor.

3. Since church activity dates reflect our purpose in the Kingdom of God it is necessary for us to maintain “church calendar” priority. Therefore, wedding dates can only be guaranteed six months in advance of the wedding date.

II. Minister:

1. Ordinarily our Pastor will solemnize all marriage vows performed in our church. He will be in charge of the rehearsal and the wedding with the assistance of the Wedding Coordinator. [When a couple has a valid reason for using another minister, this must be approved by the Pastor.]
2. The Pastor requires premarital conferences. These focus on marriage in general and the specific wedding ceremony.
III. Wedding Fees Member $160 non-refundable plus $250 damage deposit that is refundable if there is no damage.

This fee covers custodian ($60), sound operator ($60) and usage of facilities ($40).

[No other person except a member of the Audio/Visual Committee of Sonrise Baptist will be allowed to use the equipment. The Audio/Visual Director will contact the family and arrange for an audio operator.]

IV Honorariums:

It is customary for an honorarium to be given to the Pastor and musicians for the services they are providing to the wedding party. The money for service of the Pastor and musicians should be given directly to these individuals prior to the wedding service. [The suggested honorarium is $100.00 for the Pastor and $50.00 for each musician.]

V Duties of custodian or coordinator:

1. The custodian will be responsible for vacuuming of sanctuary before and after the service, and checking the heating and cooling.

2. After the event the custodian or pastor will inspect the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and kitchen, bathrooms and dressing areas to be assured that all are ready for the next worship service.

3. A designated member will be in charge of opening and closing the church for decorating, wedding rehearsal, wedding and reception. We do not allow our building to be used if there is an offsite reception.

4. The wedding coordinator will supervise the moving of all pulpit furniture and equipment in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and dressing areas.

PLEASE NOTE: If any special needs arise please contact the Wedding Coordinator or Pastor ahead of time.

VI Responsibilities of the Wedding Party:

1. The members of the wedding party will be expected to be on time for the rehearsal. (All members should attend the rehearsal)

2. They will follow the supervision of the coordinator in arranging or rearranging the furniture in the sanctuary and fellowship hall.

3. They are responsible for taking down decorations, washing dishes, bagging trash and placing it in the dumpster. Members of the family should be designated to replace the furniture and take down decorations before leaving the church.


[We ask all wedding parties scheduling a Saturday wedding and using rental equipment to pay special attention to this item.]

VII Use of Facilities:

1. Arrangements must be made with the Wedding Coordinator or Pastor for a time to decorate the church and fellowship hall. During the holiday season the church will be decorated in the theme of the season and these decorations must remain in place.

2. Soloists must contact the audio operator for additional rehearsal times if needed. Musicians must contact the church office for additional times to practice on the piano.

3. No decorations may be affixed to pews, keyboard or piano by use of tape, tacks, hot glue, or other means which can damage the furniture finish or upholstery.

4. Nothing is to be placed on the piano.

5. Only drip-proof candles may be used.

6. No birdseed is to be used in the church building. Bubbles, bells, rice or birdseed is to be distributed to guests as they leave the building.


8. Designated dressing areas will be provided for use by the wedding party. These rooms are to be restored to their original state before leaving the building so they can be used as classrooms on the next Sunday morning. You are asked not to leave valuables unattended in these rooms. Please take all trash to cans in kitchen or fellowship hall.

9. No hats will be worn by men in the building this includes the wedding party.

10. No dancing will be allowed on the church grounds.

11. No pets allowed except service animals.

VIII Liability:

1. The church assumes no liability for personal items or money belonging to the wedding party and guests.

2. If any damage is done to the building or its contents [by decorators, florists, photographers, caterers, or others,] such repair of damage will be the responsibility of the wedding party and repairs will be made to the specifications of the church.

IX Music:

Our church building is a sacred place set aside for the purpose of worshiping God and instructing God’s people. The music included in the ceremony must reflect this purpose. Therefore, any songs to be used during the ceremony must be submitted to the Pastor and/or Minister of Music at least four weeks prior to the ceremony.

X Photographs:

1. Photographers may take flash pictures prior to and after the ceremony and during the processional and recessional.

2. Photographers may take photos with available light during the service but may not move around so as to draw attention.

3. Videotaping is permitted so long as the camera is placed in a stationary location throughout the service. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CHOIR AREA TO TAKE PICTURES.
XI Rehearsal:

1. Normally the rehearsal will be the night before the wedding.

2. The ENTIRE wedding party is expected to attend the rehearsal so they will know what to do during the wedding ceremony.

3. Remember, Jesus loves children and we love them too and children are welcome to participate in the wedding service. However, young children are often not ready for such responsibilities and it is difficult for them to participate in a ceremony of this length. Be aware of their natural unpredictability and the possibility of distraction. All children should be supervised during rehearsal.

XII The Wedding Ceremony:

1. The Pastor and/or Wedding Coordinator will be in charge of both the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.

2. The Pastor will prepare a specific wedding ceremony using traditional vows and a wedding message for each service. If the bride and groom have specific requests they should discuss this with the Pastor. He must approve any alternate vows.

3. The bride and groom should instruct the wedding party to arrive on the wedding date at least one hour early to prepare for the wedding.

XIII. Other Information:
1. There is a three-day waiting period between applying for and receiving your license. The Pastor must have a valid marriage license in his possession prior to the wedding. Please give him the license no later than the day of the rehearsal.

2. If you choose to say your wedding vows in this church building – remember this building is a meeting place for the people of God. May this building and this event remind you of God’s love for you and the love and concern the people of this church have for you as well. Our prayer is that you will make the church and service to the Lord a vital part of your marriage. God bless you during these days.