Sonrise Baptist Church
Policies adopted by the church July 2005

Building Usage:
Building not to be used by fund-raiser groups. We don’t allow fund-raisers so our building will not be used for any. Products sold (such as, Scouts, school, specialty groups) should only be done in the gym/education building or outside. Not in the Sanctuary or foyer area. Reaffirmed by church body on Feb. 24, 2010

Building usage fee for other groups other than those already using it such as (Red Cross for blood drive and Parkland Active Start group) will be $60.00. (This covers cost of custodian)

All other usage by outside groups will be handled on an individual basis through the policies committee.

Gymnasium: The gymnasium is not open to outside organized teams (ex. AAU etc.) unless coached by a member of our church. This member must be in good standing (that is active) and be a member for at least one year prior to asking for gym usage. Keys will not be given to non-members. The coach must not loan the key out to anyone else who is not approved. Only the coach/member is allowed to bring the team and its use is for practice only; therefore games will not be allowed. The usage is restricted to the gym, water fountain and rest rooms. The rest of the building would be off limits. The member/coach would be responsible to unlock the church, set up for the practice, tear down equipment, and put away in closet. Teams should bring their own balls. Heating and cooling if used should be reset in winter to 52 degrees and in summer to 89 degrees. The member/coach will be responsible for all damages caused during usage and to report any damages to church office or trustees. Upon completion of practice a checklist will be completed. This list will consist of the following: running dust mop over the floor, check bathrooms to make sure lights are off, water has been shut off, toilets flushed and if custodian has cleaned then emptying trash, turning off gym lights and locking the building making sure to check all doors. All scheduling of the gymnasium must come through the church office on a first come basis, remembering church activities receive precedence. All other established usage policies still apply. According to the church vision statement as established by the pastor and the deacon body everything is to be done with the goal of evangelizing, equipping/educating, and encouraging. Therefore, as part of this agreement there will be prayer and a short devotion done with each use of the gymnasium. This revised policy was voted on and passed on Feb. 24, 2010 with an addition of being for one year and then review at that time.

Usage by members: Must be scheduled through office or when we get an activities director. If usage is a church-wide event (open to all members) there is no fee. If it is a personal event not open to all members (such as a family only party) there will be a $60 fee.

All fees will be paid at time of scheduling to reserve the date.

Gym is not to be used during scheduled services or prayer meeting. A list will be given out for the Wednesday night classes to use after 7:45 and they have done their lesson.

Gym floor: No chemicals. Basketball or tennis shoes only should be worn when playing ball.

No balls are to be intentionally thrown against the metal or drywall. No Kicking balls in the gym. No baseballs or hardballs of any kind in the gym.

Fellowships: No balls or other play stuff out on gym floor during fellowships.
Foyer, Sanctuary, and Upstairs off limits during fellowships.

Sanctuary: Is not a movie theater but a center for worship. Only movie used for evangelistic outreach, missions or promotion of our church, association, or camp will be shown.

Audio/Video: If someone comes to practice they must have an audio person to come and work the system. The sound booth off limits to any untrained person and to children.

Kitchen: Ask kitchen committee chairman for permission to use. Children not allowed in kitchen during fellowships.

Cry room & balcony: For use by mothers with babies not put in nursery or for services that no nursery is provided then toddlers under four may use it. Not for use by children over four.